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As of 19 November 2007, the Askios website has a new URL ""

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" ... Since making a commitment to heal from the effects of childhood sexual abuse, and opening up to people about the issue, I have found that there are too many people that I care about, who have also been abused. Not all of them have access to the professional help I had, and so this site is a way of sharing with them, and anyone else who is searching for information, empathy and hope ... "
Circle of Friends web site, 28 April 2001

Askios is the next step: Those of us with childhood wounds have many shadows
that follow us into adulthood and prevent us from reaching
our full potential. Askios (a Greek word meaning "shadowless")
is a place I hope to find within myself, and a place I hope to share
with every other survivor of childhood trauma, with the wounded child in all of us.

With Askios, I hope to create a safe, supportive and
confidential environmen that frees us from our sense of isolation,
and enables us to develop coping skills, share our pain and our strengths,
and move forward from the childhood experiences that have held us hostage so long.


November 19th is World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse - that is my deadline for the new and improved Askios website, and I'm happy to announce that it's ready.

So just click on the link to go there. There's loads of new information and links to lots of resources from around the world.

I hope you'll like the new site (don't forget to sign the guestbook there!)

See you there soon,

17 November 2007

Click here to go to the new Askios website!

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Askios is a personal web site, and the views reflected are those of the page developer. All mail received by Askios is treated with confidentiality. This site and other Askios projects are not intended as alternatives to professional therapy. Askios will not be held responsible for any emotional distress that might be caused by visiting this site. Askios is an updated version of "Circle of Friends" my first web site on child abuse.