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From time to time, I come across a second copy of a book I know to be good so then pick it up and pass it on at the same price. These books are listed here.

This page last updated on 15 Sept 2007.

THE COURAGE TO HEAL - by Ellen Bass and Laura Davis (two copies Rs 100 and Rs 150)

PASSAGES IN MEN'S LIVES - by Gail Sheehy (Rs 100)

THOU SHALT NOT BE AWARE - by Alice Miller (Rs 70)

THE DRAMA OF THE GIFTED CHILD - by Alice Miller (two copies Rs 30 and Rs 70)

GETTING FREE - by Ginny Nicarthy (Rs 150)

WHEN RABBIT HOWLS; by Truddi Chase (Rs 50)

FORGIVING OUR PARENTS - by Dwight Lee Wolter (Rs 50)

THE FLYING BOY - by John Lee (Rs 100)

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