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Meeting Guidelines

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These guidelines may seem restrictive, but as ours is a self-help program, not a therapy group, it's important to have these boundaries for the well-being of every member. If you are thinking of attending an Askios meeting, please make yourself familiar with these guidelines first.

This page last updated on 28 July 2007

PUNCTUALITY  We arrive on time and remain until the conclusion of the meeting. Latecomers wait quietly outside so that speakers who are sharing are not interrupted. The door will open twice for late entry: just before the Presentation, about 15 minutes into the meeting, and just before the Shares, about 30 minutes into the meeting. No one will be allowed in after this last time.


PRIVACY These meetings are exclusively for adult (over 21) survivors  of childhood abuse. We do not bring our spouses, children, friends or therapists onto the premises before, during or after a meeting.


ANONYMITY We use first names only, and do not ask each other for personal information, family history, phone numbers or addresses. Sharing such information is each member’s individual choice.


CONFIDENTIALITY What we hear or say in our meetings is told in confidence and should not be repeated outside.


DRUGS/ALCOHOL We ask that no one attend our meeting under the influence of alcohol or drugs, unless the medication is prescribed by a physician.


ABUSERS ASCA meetings are not intended for survivors who are currently abusing others. Talking about our past or present abusive behaviour is not permissible.

PREJUDICE Language that is considered derogatory concerning race, gender, ethnicity, religion, community, sexual orientation or other minority status is unacceptable in our meeting.


PHYSICAL CONTACT We keep in mind that some members are uncomfortable with spontaneous supportive contact such as hugging, patting, sitting close, holding or shaking hands. We encourage members to inform us of such discomfort, so that we may respect each other’s boundaries.


CROSSTALK When a member is sharing, we do not interrupt to argue, analyse or ask questions. Only Secretaries may intervene when a member’s sharing crosses these Meeting Guidelines or exceeds time limits.


PARTICIPATION We do not push, coax or force anyone to volunteer, speak, or share against her will. Our presence here, silent or active, means that we all agree to abide by the spirit of the ASCA Program, its guidelines and any interventions by the Secretaries.



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Please email me if you need clarification on any of the above guidelines.