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How Askios began

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(once upon a time ... )

UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Will get down to this page eventually but right now I feel the history of Askios can sit on the back burner while I update other pages that have more immediate importance! 19 3 07

In the year 2000, I started working out my ideas on paper, and developed the following plans.



my mission ...

to break barriers * to open minds * to heal wounds * to free lives *


my goal ...

to build a free, not-for-profit Internet web site that addresses the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), as an online centre for information, guidance, support and resources


through which to ...

8 * become a comprehensive source of information on CSA and related topics * break the taboo of acknowledging the existence of CSA * initiate a process of healing for victims and survivors * remove the stigma placed on victims and survivors